Pommerville's Microbiology Lab Videos

    The Ultimate Laboratory Experience

    Welcome to the ultimate microbiology laboratory experience, with 110 minutes of instructor chosen, high-quality videos of actual students performing the most common lab skills, procedures, and techniques. From lab safety to microscopy to bacterial staining techniques, nowhere else will you find a more comprehensive and customized microbiology video program. Jeff Pommerville provides narration, context, and rationale for the on-screen action, and Skills Checklists are available online to record progress and for assignability.

    Access to Fundamentals of Microbiology Laboratory Videos is packaged free with every new print copy of Laboratory Fundamentals of Microbiology, Eleventh Edition (ISBN: 978-1-284-10097-6) and standalone (ISBN: 978-1-284-12898-7).

    Key Features:

    • 34 videos and over 100 minutes of quality production-value video!
    • Visually demonstrates common skills typically covered in an introductory undergraduate microbiology lab (safety protocols, operating equipment, swabbing cultures, etc.)
    • Jeff Pommerville provides the educational context for each lab skill, and actual students perform the techniques in a typical undergraduate lab setting
    • Skills Checklists on PDF allows students to record progress and instructors to assign lab activities

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